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Prefabricated concrete house is the best choice for a unique and secure home

Innovative Design and Production Technology of Reinforced Concrete Structures

BENPAN technology based on use of insulated ribbed precast reinforced fiber concrete wall panels and floor slabs.
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BENPAN Wall Panels

It is a two-layered ribbed structure consisting of an outer layer made of fiber-reinforced concrete or polystyrene concrete.
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BENPAN + Wall Panels

BENPAN+ are used for construction of load bearing external wall. It is a ribbed structure of reinforced concrete with stiffeners
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BENPAN Premium

BENPAN Premium are used for construction of exterior load bearing walls. It is three-ply insulated ribbed panel of reinforced concrete.
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BENPAN Floor Panel

BENPAN offers several types of floor slabs designed for the construction of horizontal bearing structures between floors.
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BENPAN Wall Partitions

Light non-bearing partitions BENPAN, 100mm thick, are used as interior partition walls in construction of low-rise residential, commercial.
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BENPAN House Kit

Basic house kit includes: Exterior Wall Panels,Interior Load-bearing Panels,Floor Panels.
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BENPAN Technology allows to manufacture reinforced precast concrete structures and build in any climate zone.

The technology allows to design various types of wall panels in accordance with the architectural solutions, as well as a wide range of other concrete products.
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