Individual architectural solutions for the price of mass production. There are no limitation to the design options and each project is treated as an individual just with lower cost Our Products More About Us! The house is assembled from the precast reinforced concrete elements in just 10 days With a speed of 5 elements per hour we can assemble a house in just 10 days and a turn-key project is ready in 45 days. Our Products More About Us!
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Precasting concrete panels

BENPAN houses are made of durable and architecturally unique concrete elements. It is an innovative technology that allows incredibly swift construction and offers sturdy rock-hard results.
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Individual architectural solutions for the price of mass production.



Prefabricated BENPAN technology allows the house structure to be fully manufactured in the factory. Each wall is measured to the nearest millimeter so that subsequent assembly is as easy as Lego game. Precast elements are delivered to the construction site and installed on the foundation. External wall surfaces can be finished with various façade options: concrete, plaster, wood, etc. This means that the walls of a new home will rise in just a few days. The wall elements are made of reinforced concrete, in which the insulation is already integrated. At the same time, it allows to carry out construction work in any season and guarantees the highest energy efficiency and low heating costs. Concrete is considered to be one of the most durable and longest lasting building materials in the world. Compared to a wooden structure, concrete is significantly more resistant to fire damage and external noise. If in the past it could be said that building a concrete house is rather time consuming, then the new technology proves the opposite to us, giving us the opportunity to create a home in just 45 days.


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BENPAN Technology allows to manufacture reinforced precast concrete structures and build in any climate zone.

The technology allows to design various types of wall panels in accordance with the architectural solutions, as well as a wide range of other concrete products.
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Krekshino, RMM, Moscow Russia

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